If you are a group or corporation interested in giving back to the community outside of our current, more individualized volunteer opportunities, we can help you coordinate your own day of service or volunteer program. 

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in connecting with us, or give us a call at (585) 428-7231.

Corporate Day of Service

RochesterCares can develop a full-scale day of service event that all of your employees can participate in together to make a big impact on the community you serve.

RochesterCares will take care of all the details, including making sure that your organization is recognized community-wide for your service.

Volunteer Program

RochesterCares will help develop a series of regular, team-building volunteer activities for your team. Please contact us to start coordinating. 

Moving people to action is LEADERSHIP!



RochesterCares works with area companies to move aspiring leaders into a position that will use their skills to engage citizens in their community and support the agencies that make Rochester great. These projects not only impact the community, but they will impact your organization by building leadership, team work and employee satisfaction. RochesterCares has the opportunities. We’ll help you make your group volunteer experience a rewarding one!

How Your Employees Can Benefit

Sense of Accomplishment
Create a sense of community by serving others. The intrinsic benefits are endless.

Practice Professional Skills
Enhance your career development by expanding your portfolio of skills and accomplishments in the community.

Leadership Development
Increase your ability to motivate and cultivate people in a safe and fulfilling environment.

Networking and Community Building
Bring people to your door. Create and grow relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and settings, both in Rochester and beyond.